Ticket Stubs C30

by D NTZ




Warren, Ohio native (and proud of it) Dmitri Monro crafts beats that would sound at home nearly anywhere and still have the feel of an original style of sound. Repetition gives way to power and then backs off allowing the most delicate of sounds to whisper in. DNTZ has found inspiration in diverse literary figures and translates it to the genre and style-bending grooves of his soundscapes. Instead of picking a central hook, he builds his own hooks with spare and incidental pieces of music - similar to the sonic assault of ‘80s-era Bomb Squad (although one gets the feeling that if DNTZ existed in the ‘80s he would have been passing around white label cassettes instead of vinyl). The effect can lead to disorienting psych-hop, mellow grooves or outright head-bobbing beats.



released August 1, 2011



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